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GSA MOBIS Contract
# GS-10F-0014R

Precision’s Recent Successes

July 2006 Awarded subcontract to provide DHS Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation; Software Development; and Management Support Services
April 2006 Awarded subcontract to provide DOJ Systems Development Service project management, budget, and administrative support services
March 2006 Awarded Project Management Services Task for HUD SAMS
January 2006 Awarded Option Year1 for subcontract to provide project management support for HUD Accelerated Claims Disposition Program.
January 2006 Opened Precision Office in Alexandria, VA
December 2005 Awarded Option Year 1 on HUD prime contract for the SAMS Project
December 2005 Awarded contract to provide government contract services for MergeGlobal
September 2005 Awarded DOJ subcontract to provide project management, budget, and administrative support services
September 2005 Awarded FDA prime contract to provide administrative functions assessment and customer service orientation
August 2005 Awarded contract to prepare GSA MOBIS application with IntegrityOne Partners
July 2005 Awarded DOJ task for communications planning and change management
May 2005 Awarded TSA subcontract
February 2005 Awarded DOJ task to define strategy for establishing SMC
February 2005 Awarded FDA support for change implementation
December 2004 Awarded HUD prime contract for the SAMS Project
October 2004 Awarded DOJ subcontract for OMB 300 Exhibit and budget support
October 2004 Awarded GSA MOBIS Schedule 874, including Consulting Services, Facilitation Services, Training Services, Support Products, and Program Integration and Project Management Services
August 2004 Awarded FDA subcontract to provide reorganization support
July 2004 Awarded HUD subcontract for project management
April 2004 Awarded PWC subcontract to provide strategic planning services